• Casting of special high-alloy alloys
    • Development of equipment for the manufacture of electrodes and powders from special alloys.
    • Development and creation of automated systems for coating and surfacing of special alloys.
    • Modernization of furnaces for smelting special alloys.
  • Detonation Coating Services
  • Coating equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Creation of automated complexes for industry
  • Repair and manufacture of CNC machines

Detonation Coating Services

MIM has created an autonomous mobile complex for detonation coating in the form factor of a 40-foot sea container, which has no analogues today.

The advantage of detonation deposition is the penetration of the deposited materials into the crystal lattice of the object.

The main difficulty in using detonation coating lies in the development of the technology, which includes:
– the choice of the applied material;
– determination of the parameters of the multicomponent gas mixture;
– working off the timing diagram of the cyclic process;
– development of manipulators for the detonation device and the sprayed part;
– creation of a hardware and software complex for their synchronous control.
пушка для детонации
Втулка с нанесенным покрытиемThe developed complex of detonation coating allowed us to carry out experimental work on the application of coatings used in the oil and gas industry:
Swivel mud bushings for Uralmash-3D drilling rigs;
Pump impellers;
GPU blades;
Hydraulic cylinder rods.
Detonation has proven itself very well in solving the problem of extending the life of mud bushings of drilling equipment swivels.
Overhaul life increased by more than 10 times
Extension of the overhaul interval for equipment in a petrochemical plant is directly related to the extension of the service life of impellers of pumps that operate in an aggressive environment.
Detonating a ceramic coating on these pump impellers extends the MTO by up to 10 times.
Abrasive particles suspended in the air destroy the working surface of the hydraulic cylinder rods of oil and gas and petrochemical equipment.
In turn, the broken working surface damages the seals (cuffs) of the hydraulic cylinders, they lose their tightness and fail.
Repair is a time consuming and costly process.
Detonation ceramic coating instead of existing coating methods allows not only to restore the working surface, but also to extend the MTO by 4-6 times.

If the Customer gives the Terms of Reference, we are ready to develop a coating technology in accordance with the requirements on the basis of experimental design development.