Fields of activity

  • Casting special high alloy alloys
    • Development of equipment for the manufacture of electrodes and powders from special alloys
    • Development and creation of automated complexes for coating and surfacing of special alloys
    • Modernization of furnaces for smelting special alloys
  • Coating Equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Creation of automated complexes for industry
  • Rapair and manufacture of CNC machines

Our partners

Motor Sich
Khmelnitskiy Nuclear Power Plant
Paton Institute of Electric Welding
IPMS NAS of Ukraine
SE Ivchenko-Progress
Virs LLC
South Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant
IMP NAS of Ukraine
PTIMS NAS of Ukraine


Company history

Production and Commercial Limited Liability Company MIM was founded in 1992. At the beginning of its activity, PC MIM LLC was engaged in commercial projects, and then reoriented to the field of innovation.

At the suggestion of the head of the IMPh department of the NAS of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences Anatoly Klimentevich Shurin, the enterprise began production of a high-temperature wear-resistant alloy of the KhTN-61 brand to strengthen the GTE retaining shelves, which was created by a group of scientists under his leadership. This alloy increased the life of the blades by six times.

Already at the beginning of 2003, the MIM company ordered two institutes for research and development: testing the technology and conducting research melts of the KhTN-61 alloy using vacuum induction melting — the Physics and Technology Institute of Metals and Alloys of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; study of the chemical composition of cobalt-based alloy samples and determination of mass fractions of elements in these samples (certification of KhTN-61 alloy) – G.V. Kurdyumov Institute of Metal Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In the same year, MIM Production and Commercial Limited Liability Company became the only certified producer and supplier of KhTN-61 alloy at MOTOR SICH OJSC. The company’s team launched the production of several more grades of heat-resistant alloys supplied to aviation and shipbuilding enterprises of Ukroboronprom. The company also engaged in other innovative projects. To fulfill the research agreement “Development of an experimental batch of powder with the chemical composition of the KhTN-61 alloy and research work on the introduction of plasma-powder surfacing of turbine blades with this powder at MOTOR SICH PJSC, MIM created its own microplasma unit. In addition, by the order of one of the aviation enterprises, the company’s engineers produced a detonation complex for coating.

In the future, several more scientific and production projects were implemented: “Development and manufacture of a prototype of a high-temperature vacuum electric furnace with a full automatic control system cycle with the control and storage of technical process information”; “Modernization and automation of the polishing-finishing machine 4PD200”. For his own needs of the company, the chief engineer of MC MIM LLC Sergey Stanislavovich Makarov created the MIM-1 machine (a small integrated machine) for the manufacture of equipment in scientific research.

Analyzing the achievements of MIM in the field of production of special alloys and coating, M. P. Ishchenko and scientists of the Central Research Institute of Arms and Military Equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine published an article in the Scientific and Technical Journal “Armament and Military Equipment” “Recovery Technology barrels of tank and artillery guns ”(2017), in which they proposed a technology for restoring worn-out and protecting new barrels by plasma powder surfacing with selected wear-resistant material KhTN-61, which will improve the performance characteristics of smoothbore guns and increase the resource of their barrels. In 2016, at the International Biomedicine Summit, Nikolai Petrovich Ishchenko presented the inventions of his long-time teacher and mentor, Academician Vasily Stepanovich Gvozdetsky in the field of thermotraining medical technologies in Chengdu (People’s Republic of China). They decided to introduce them primarily in Ukraine. On the basis of the PC MIM LLC created a working group led by the author of ideas, Academician V. S. Gvozdetsky, which included: General Director of MIM M. P. Ishchenko, chief engineer S. S. Makarov, programmer A. A Pleskach and medical consultants – department head, assistant of the department of the A. A. Bogomolets National Medical University I. Dubinin, traumatologist, tactical medicine instructor, ATO volunteer A. V. Porokhnitskiy.

International biomedicine summit at Chengdu (PRC)

MC LLC MIM has always worked on improving quality management. In 2012, the Certificate for Quality System ISO 9001: 2009 (ISO 9001: 2008 IDT) was received, and now two international certificates ISO 9001:2015.