The MIM company synthesized a synthetic bone powder, which is an analogue of the Geistlich Bio Oss material, but much more cheaper.
A pilot batch of different types of powder was produced by various methods of synthesis.
The development of industrial scale synthesis requires a variety of equipment and access to certified laboratories, which are not available in Ukraine.
Картинка упаковки
The MIM company has set itself the task of solving the global problem of the rejection of non-bio-compatible parts in the human body.
The developed complex of detonation coatings allowed us to carry out experimental work on the coatings such as:
– zirconium dioxide for titanium;
– bioceramics for titanium (experimentally created by us
    bioceramics options synthetic bone
An analysis of the sources of information available to us about this problem allows us to conclude that analogs of these works have been published nowhere.

Implant coated with experimental bioceramic powder.

Today, all known implants are made of expensive alloys and have quite a large percentage of rejection, directly interacting with the body.
Bioceramic (synthetic bone) coating on
any implant made from cheap materials,
will allow not only to reduce the percentage of rejection, but also will significantly reduce the cost of the product.
Composite materials.
 Technologies for creating composite coatings have been developed.
For example, for dental implants, the technology of applying artificial bone to zirconium dioxide has been successfully created and tested.
In addition to dental prosthetics, such coatings with a unique fusion of properties can be used in other fields of medicine, as well as in industrial applications.
Thus, we can create composite coating cakes from almost any material, in accordance with the customer’s specifications.
 The success of our project will allow low-income segments of the population to take advantage of the benefits of progress and receive high quality, inexpensive dental care.
This technology is applicable to any type of implant: